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Production Coordinator Workshop – Children’s TV

This comprehensive course covers all aspects of the Production Co-ordinator role from prep to post within Children’s TV. It takes the form of tutorials, group discussions and practical classroom and offsite exercises allowing participants to put into practice the skills they have learnt.

Production Coordinator Workshop is broken down into 4 parts. Classroom based learning, offsite learning, assessments and mentoring.

You will be taught in a classroom environment for 2 days covering all aspects needed for Production Co-ordination with an emphasis on interaction, shared experience and a thorough foundation of the skills required for a role which is the “glue” that binds the production. Done excellently, the role of PC can be invisible, done badly, the entire shoot can unravel.

At the end of the two days you will be given a brief for a shoot that you will need to co-ordinate. You will be required to create a comprehensive list of documents for a new production. You will be required to log into a secure server to complete the offsite learning.

This will then be assessed by the tutor and other participants in a one-day overview classroom session. You will also have access to the tutor after the training has ended for additional support.

Who is Production Coordinator Workshop for?

Production Coordinator Workshop Training Course is for both employees and freelancers working in the TV and Media Industries.

Individuals working as production secretaries/runners/location assistants or at equivalent levels, with at least one year’s experience, who are aiming to further their careers and move up to become Production Co-ordinator.

Duration & class size

  • This course is for a maximum of 8 participants
  • 2 consecutive days in the classroom
  • Offsite learning creating a shooting pack
  • Onsite assessment of assignments

What you'll learn

  • What is a PC – Roles and responsibilities
  • Production overview – from pre to post
  • Working with your PM – relationship and organisation of production
  • Setting up a production office – personnel and facilities
  • Working with children – legislation, licences, education, hours, chaperones
  • Forms: Schedules, callsheets, progress reports, pos, release forms
  • Effective recces and meetings – distribution of workflow
  • Hire of equipment and suppliers
  • Transport and Accommodation
  • Budget basics
  • Insurance and legal requirements
  • Understanding risk assessments and basic Health and Safety
  • Location filming – in the UK and abroad
  • Essentials of Post-Production and clearance