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Canon C300 mkii Training – From Factual to Drama

The Canon C300 was ubiquitous in lower budget, factual and corporate work as well as also often used as an additional (or even A camera) on larger productions.

C300 mkii Training Course is a must for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of camera use from the C300 or Canon 5D.

This practical workshop provides an overview and comparison of the original C300 and explores the possibilities available to users of the Canon C300 mkii in a variety of productions. Participants will receive hands on training in two different modes – a pared-down lightweight setup for ‘run and gun’ documentary and factual productions, and a full studio digital cinema set-up, more appropriate to drama and higher-end production.

Who’s it for?

Employed and freelance Camera Operators and Assistants looking to increase their knowledge and expertise of the Canon C300 mkii.

Duration & class size

  • This one day course is for a maximum of 6 participants

What you'll learn

  • How it differs from the original Canon C300…what’s new?
  • Functions and Recording
  • What the buttons do and why
  • How to adjust menu settings
  • Judging and setting exposure and white balance
  • Picture manipulation
  • Different physical set-ups possible with the same camera
  • Understanding the variable codecs and shooting modes