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Camera Lens Operation – All About Glass

This technical course gives an overview of the array of lenses that are available and how to approach selection and testing for a production, considering all of the creative, practical and financial implications.

Gain the necessary knowledge to make more informed choices on your projects and what to look for on an artistic, practical and financial level when testing and selecting lenses.

Camera Lens Operation workshop will include presentations running alongside practical lens testing, using lens projection and a pair of digital cinema cameras in side by side comparisons.

Who’s it for?

Employed and freelance camera professionals wishing to increase their technical knowledge to further their career.

Duration & class size

  • This two day workshop is for a maximum of 6 people.

What you'll learn

  • Prime vs Zoom – beyond the major differences
  • Measuring focal distances
  • Lens Types
  • Cinema vs. Stills
  • Why the large price difference?
  • Mechanics and durability - expanded focus scales & electronic information
  • Care and Maintenance
  • What projection and collimation tells you about a lens
  • Resolution and definition
  • Optical anomalies, including ‘Breathing’
  • On the shoot - Adverse weather and temperature conditions
  • Creative choices
  • Budget Lens vs. High End Lens / Vintage vs Modern