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Data Wrangling / Multi-platform content creation

This comprehensive course covers all aspects of digital formats used in Children’s TV.

From setting up of today’s digitally based cameras, best shooting practices including back up, ingesting correctly in an easily editable format, editing and export to multiple platforms, from production to post production, across a variety of genres.

You will be taught in a classroom environment for 2 days covering all aspects needed for Pre & Production Data Management.

At the end of the 2 days you will be given a brief for a shoot / ingest / edit and output in various formats that you will need to complete. You will be required to log in to a secure server to complete the offsite learning.

This will then be assessed by the tutor and the other participants in a one-day overview classroom session. You will also have access to the tutor after the training has ended for additional support.

Who’s It for?

Individuals working as Directors & Assistant Directors / Producers / Editors / Production Manager’s & Assistants / Coordinators or at equivalent levels, with at least one year’s experience, who are aiming to further their careers.


Duration & class size

  • This course is for a maximum of 8 participants
  • 2 consecutive days in the classroom
  • Offsite learning
  • Onsite assessment of assignments

What you'll learn

  • Understanding digital shooting formats
  • Understanding intermediate / Editing formats
  • Understanding delivery formats
  • Workflow planning
  • Maintaining quality throughout workflow
  • File formats / Storage requirements / Hardware requirements
  • Metadata
  • Data management techniques
  • Transcode and ingest ready for editing
  • Editing issues and how to speed up workflow
  • File delivery for TV and Multi-platform
  • Look, creation and colour management
  • Essentials of Post Production Software
  • Understanding LUT’s and creating a pathway from producton to post production